The certifications guarantee the company’s commitment to control all processes related to the protection of the environment and workers, for a sustainable development and to invest in the well-being of employees in the workplace.

 There are stories that deserve to be told. We prefer to let our work do the talking. We want to make a difference with our creations but also through our actions.


Our approach to work is based on shared values and a sense of responsibility towards others. To produce beauty and respond to our customers’ demands, we must be able to ensure a common well-being, respecting the surrounding environment that offers hospitality to us and our collaborators.


This is why every year we support social and environment initiatives organised by associations and charities with which we share values and goals, aware that we have a responsibility towards people and the planet.


We are proud to have obtained ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certification for workplace health and safety and environmental management. In addition, we have calculated our carbon footprint to determine our environmental impact and improve future performance.


Arkimedia for Ethics, a model to be adopted at work and in life, was born out of our inexhaustible desire to improve. We put people and their needs at the centre, without losing sight of the close relationship with the environmental and cultural heritage that we have inherited and must preserve. 

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“We like to look to the future with the intention of making a difference and every choice we make is driven by our desire to protect and safeguard the environment”.

Dario, Riccardo & Leonardo Milani