Every Arkimedia strap is put through a comprehensive and thorough process to ensure the best result. From concept to quality control, we are involved in every stage. We use the best technologies and produce straps that can be personalised in terms of colours, materials, shapes and finishes.


The initial stage where shapes, colours, materials and details meet to give life to new proposals and ideas. This is where technicians and designers analyse and anticipate market trends, taking into account customer requirements.


The prototype stage is the foundation of the entire production process of every strap, handled by authentic craftsmen who calibrate the product and refine the details. 


Artisanship and technology go hand-in-hand during the production process to deliver the highest quality and give life to unique and elegant straps. 


Experience, precision and technicality are key in testing a product and making it perfect. Our straps are constantly checked to ensure that the highest quality standards are met at every stage.

“We love trying new ways, looking for new challenges, realising new ideas.”

Piero Milani