For us, time is measured through the ability to look to the future with the desire to make a difference. With our products, work and actions. 

Arkimedia is an all-Italian story which started thirty years ago. 

Piero Milani’s intuition is now complemented by that of his sons Dario, Riccardo and Leonardo. Arkimedia is symbolic of innovation and research, audacity and passion that translate into luxury straps of timeless elegance, worn by men and women all over the world. 

Specialised in the production of leather straps for the world’s most prestigious watchmakers, over the years Arkimedia has offered increasingly cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions in response to market demands, giving life to sustainable creations made with eco-friendly materials such as recycled PET fabric, corn, banana and apple. 


Exclusive leather straps made from sustainable materials, the history of Italian craftsmanship and experimentation with new technologies, the Made in Italy style and dedication in facing challenges and changes. All concentrated in the same place to keep traditional Italian flair, quality and style intact.


At the heart of everything is an idea that is shaped, perfected and transformed by the team into prototypes that undergo continuous testing before becoming watch straps. Creativity meets ingenuity in the R&D department where new projects and challenges are shared every day.


Watch straps made from sustainable materials that come with eco-friendly packaging, and more. The company adopts green strategies, using renewable energy from the photovoltaic systems installed, protecting the environment and safeguarding natural beauty.


Arkimedia is made up of people, of precious collaborators with distinctive and unique traits, all working in close contact without any division between the various departments. All of the company’s welfare initiatives are designed to make Arkimedia employees feel valued, motivated and proud, and are tailored to individual needs.

“We believe that the starting point is known, but the arrival point doesn’t exist. Our future is to go further.”

Piero Milani